Is yoga right for you?

Welcome to Love Yoga Food. I'm Adam, I'm here to share what I've learned about yoga and meditation. Is yoga right for you? The short answer is, yes. The long answer is complex.

I grew up being bullied and isolated, developing anxiety and depression that followed me into adulthood. I had no self-esteem, I was lazy and out of shape. Blaming the world and society for my issues. I was slipping down a dark slide I didn't think I could escape. Enter stage right, yoga, I had a few friends suggest that yoga could help, so I popped on Youtube and searched yoga. The more I practiced the more control I felt over my well-being. I knew something was changing but didn't know how or why. I signed up for a teacher training in St. John's, NL. During the course I began to understand that this is the purpose of yoga, to help us understand ourselves, our minds and our bodies. How the mind and body are connected, and how to use this knowledge to improve our daily lives. I believe we all experience suffering, in varying degrees, yoga helps us stay calm in the face of adversity. Life is like the ocean, emotions/stresses come in waves, sometimes in storms; yoga acts as a life raft, it doesn't change the condition of the ocean but it keeps you safe and dry while the storm rages around you. This is what inspires me, I want to reduce the suffering people experience in their daily lives, to empower individuals to overcome difficulties and thrive.

If you want to feel more control over your life, to learn more about how you can affect your own well-being sign up for one of my yoga classes, I look forward to meeting you, Namaste.

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