A lesson in ignoring problems

The lessons we can learn from a Kid's story when we take time to listen. Struggles in life can often appear as dragons metaphorically speaking, they appear as a dangerous obstacle we must face to move forward. If we use this perspective there is much to be gained, enhanced by the perspective of your brain as a survival organ. If your brain is designed to keep you safe, then when obstacles appear your brain makes a calculation, is this threat large enough to cause damage. This is an important process to be aware of, for if your threat system isn't reliable, say if you are high in trait neuroticism, are prone to anxious and depressive thoughts, small obstacles appear large.

With this knowledge we look back, a task at work is looming over us as the deadline approaches, its dangerous, you aren't sure you have the skills required to face this dragon so you turn away, your brain has now made the conclusion that this threat is of significant magnitude that the safest course of action is to RUN AWAY. Now every time you go to approach the task, the dragon, your brain remembers the last time you approached, starts to fire all of the neurons of fear, it wants you to run away as it deems that is the safest way to keep you alive. The dragon grows bigger as you turn your back to it again. The vicious cycle continues, the dragon grows as your brain continues to perceive it as a threat, this won't stop until we actually take time to look for the dragon, to truly see the issue we are running from, the work that needs to be done, for if you look with the intention of accessing the threat in reality, you will begin to notice that there is something you can do, the dragon shrinks down to manageable size, this doesn't remove the threat, you still have work to do but your brain has made a new important calculation, by facing the threat, the dragon, your brain has now decided that you are strong enough to engage it, now when you approach the task, instead of firing neurons for fear, it fires neurons to prepare you for a successful battle, your brain thinks you are capable, so you become capable.

Meditation helps us find the dragons we have been ignoring, helps us see them in their true light, they are still threats but we must remember we are strong enough to overcome the suffering in our lives. Dragons are real but we are knights, we are born with the power inside us to battle them, never forget your power, confront the dragons in your life willingly and you will become stronger for it, support others as they fight their dragons and we become stronger together.

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